Winery Wedding

 We were asked by one of our oldest and dearest friends to help plan their wedding. Not only were we honored but we could not disappoint. The easy thing about them was they let Sean and I do what we do best, create an event you will not forget.  Jamie & Kyle decided on a summer wedding, August 5th to be exact. They wanted small and intimate, something where they could connect with all that was attending. It did not take us long to decide what venue would be best, Tousey Winery. With their recent renovations and expansion, this venue had the look and feel of an intimate and FUN wedding. Their bar expansion made the booze an easy task, Tousey wine and New York State Farm Brewery beers on tap.   Next was food, no problem, Cafe Gerad at the time located next to Tousey provided a fun taco night theme, with delectable stationed hors-d'oeuvres.  Now onto the decorations.  Being an event planner we all have our go to, whether it is a wedding or business event you never go wrong with mason jars full of beautiful flowers! We purchased the most beautiful dahlias from FW Battenfeld & Son. The colors and the simplicity of the jars made it a colorful touch to the wedding.  Speaking of flowers, at one of Tousey's events we met Athabold Flowers, we connected immediately and new they would be the perfect fit to do the bride and grooms bouquet and boutonniere.  They did not disappoint. Now, who was going to capture this wedding? Tamme Stitt Photography captured this wedding exactly as the bride and groom hoped. Last but not least was hair and makeup. The team at La Tua Bella took care of Jamie and made sure her and her bride maids were stunning! The wedding went off without a hitch. Oh, did I mention, our very own Sean Jones officiated the event, so not only did we plan our best friends wedding, we married them.